Health Benefits of Oranges

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges on the Body 

Orange is a nutritious citrus fruit that is packed with many important micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, carbs, and a few amount calories. There are several health benefits of oranges you should know before eating them. Generally, the Orange is a fruit of various citrus species that belong to the family Rutaceae.  

Moreover, the orange is a small round, and smoothly textured skin, with a pale yellow coloured juice, This fruit may be seedless or may contain some small seeds. Orange juice is one of the best choices for having a healthy breakfast in the morning.  

If you want to stay hydrated in the summer season then drinking orange juice can easily keep your water level high. 

What is the best time to eat oranges for health benefits? 

The best time to eat oranges is in the morning. If you want to get the optimum health benefits of oranges. Consuming oranges in the morning allows your body to fill with essential nutrients like – Vitamins, fibre, and minerals.

Orange is a great source of Vitamin C (citric acid) that boosts digestion. If you drink orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach then you will get more benefits from it. 

Nutrition in Orange 

Oranges are one of the healthiest and juiciest fruits packed with essential nutrients. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C which is good for your health. If you want to get more health benefits of oranges then know everything about oranges. So, some nutritional values of oranges are mentioned below. 

The nutrients of orange in 100 gms (approximately) 

  • Calories: 45  
  • Carbs: 12 g 
  • Fibre: 2.5 g 
  • Sugar: 10 g 
  • Potassium: 181 mg 
  • Protein: 1 g 
  • Vitamin C: 55 mg 
  • Calcium: 40 mg 
  • Magnesium: 10 mg 

Health Benefits of Oranges

There are 10 health benefits of oranges in the body. If you want to protect yourself from the following health issues then start eating oranges but in moderate quantities. 

Good for Skin Health 

Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C that prevents acne. It has exfoliating properties which give you a natural shine and glowing skin as a youth. Having anti-ageing properties may help in reducing wrinkles (the signs of ageing).  

Oranges contain antioxidants that protect the skin against damage from free radicals to slow down the ageing process. Also, defend your skin from infections.

It also helps in shrinking the pores. Vitamin C in oranges stimulates the production of collagen in the skin which makes your skin smoother than ever. 

Oranges have moisturising properties that help preserve moisture and keep the skin plump and glowing. Orange plays a vital role in skin whitening.

Orange contains many vitamins which increase the supply of blood to the skin’s surface and make your skin look fair, bright and even-toned. These are the health benefits of oranges for the skin you should know.  

Boost Immunity and Digestion 

Oranges are packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, folate, and copper, these all are major responsible for boosting the immune system. 

A rich source of Vitamin A improves immune function and promotes the formation of new white blood cells. It also helps the activation of white blood cells to fight against infection.

Vitamin C helps in keeping your skin healthy. It builds a strong barrier that stops pathogens from entering your body.  The health benefits of oranges for your digestive system are because of have a good amount of vitamin C.

The folate in oranges is responsible for healthy cell growth that helps your cells make the DNA and protein of newly created cells. A source of copper that boosts your immune system. It maintains a healthy white blood cell count.

Copper deficiency causes neutropenia. If you want to protect yourself from this then consume oranges every day but a certain amount.  

Orange contain a good amount of dietary fibre that boosts the metabolic process which may be helpful in constipation and bowel movement. The health benefits of oranges are shocking for your immune system.

The fibre in oranges keeps you feeling fuller throughout the day and controls your appetite. When you feel like this, actually you are cutting your calorie intake.  

Orange contains enzymes and a lot of liquid that breaks down large food molecules into smaller ones. An enzyme can dissolve foods and break starches into glucose, fructose, or galactose, which are absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is transported for use as energy throughout the body that may help stabilize your digestive system. These are the following health benefits of oranges, you will notice after eating them.  

Help in Weight Loss 

Oranges are packed with essential nutrients including dietary fibre, low in calories, and high in Vitamin C. Oranges contain a lot of water known as juicy fruit that may easily fill your stomach with its liquid.

It leads to controlling appetite and calorie intake. You will feel fuller throughout the day. It is considered an excellent citric acid that helps with weight loss.  

Moreover, Vitamin C is the best way to boost the metabolic processes that help in preventing fat storage. Orange fruits are nutritious and healthy food you can add them to your diet plan to maintain weight. 

The health benefits of oranges for weight loss may be more effective when you drink orange juice in the morning. Orange juice is ideal for those who are suffering from obesity and want to burn some fats then start using it. 

Control Blood Pressure 

Oranges contain Vitamin C (a good source of Citrus acid) which may be very effective in blood pressure. They’re packed with important nutrients like – vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds which might help control high blood pressure. 

Consuming a lot of Vitamin C may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. As we know orange is a great source of minerals like – potassium and calcium. These minerals help in lowering blood pressure. 

If you want to control your blood pressure then try to eat a balanced diet which might be very effective in lowering BP. Orange contains an antioxidant that may be good for heart health. These are some of the best health benefits of oranges in controlling blood pressure. 

Promote Heart Health 

Oranges are a great source of dietary fibre, folate, Vitamin C and minerals like – potassium that might help improve heart health. Orange contains an antioxidant (hesperidin) that improves the functioning of the blood vessels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  

A flavonoid (A plant-based compound) present in orange improves the proper supply of oxygen in the blood vessels. Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties that can protect your cells from oxidative damage and prevent the development of many cardiovascular diseases. 

People who consume an orange may have a low risk of heart failure. But, in a certain amount only. The health benefits of oranges may be effective in lowering BP which leads to a reduction in serious heart diseases.  

Control Blood Sugar Level 

Oranges are citrus fruits that are full of dietary fibre, vitamin C, folate and potassium, which might help in controlling sugar levels in the bloodstream. A superfood for diabetics which is high in antioxidants has many health benefits of oranges. 

Insulin is a hormone that controls sugar levels in the bloodstream. Insulin resistance is a condition in which your body stops responding to insulin. 

Oranges are low in glycemic index (GI) which improves in controlling blood sugar levels. Also making them more suitable for diabetic patients. High-fibre foods may help in controlling blood sugar by lowering blood sugar levels.

It contains vitamins and minerals which may be a boon for diabetic patients. Consuming Vitamin C may defend your body from oxidative stress.  

Good for Eye Health 

Oranges contain vitamin C which is good for overall eye health. Vitamin A present in oranges can help in preventing your eyes from drying and night blindness.

Citic acid helps in boosting eye health. It has antioxidants that defend you from infections and enhance visibility.  

Orange juice contains Vitamin C which boosts your immune system. The health benefits of oranges every day but in a certain amount can help in lowering the risk of macular degeneration, which is a major reason for age-related blindness. 

Flavonoids have eye-protecting power that defends your eyes from damage due to UV rays and blue light. It keeps supporting your eyes with essential nutrients that prevent eye weakness. 

Lower the Risk of Cancer 

Oranges are high in vitamin C and antioxidants that boost your immunity. They help in defending you against infection which may cause cancer.

Having citric acid in orange can help lower the risk of certain cancers including lung, colorectal, and stomach. 

Flavonoids help in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and even reduce the size of cancerous tumours. Apart, from antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they prevent damage from oxidative stress.

Free radicals are highly reactive compounds that are harmful to your body and cause damage to cells. But, consuming oranges can give your body the power to fight against free radical cell damage. The health benefits of oranges are supportive for a cancer patient.

Support during Pregnancy 

Oranges are a great source of Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) which is an essential nutrient in the development and growth of the fetus. It helps in baby growth during pregnancy and helps in the formation of the neural tube.

The health benefits of oranges to women during pregnancy by helping prevent brain and spinal cord defects, also known as neural tube defects.  

Women can consume oranges during the gestation period but should have certain amounts. It contains high fibre that improves digestion, which may lead to abdominal cramps and diarrhoea in pregnancy.  

Nutrients play a vital role in women during pregnancy, having sufficient amounts of essentials can reduce the risk of any diseases among women.  

During pregnancy, keeping yourself hydrated is very important to maintain water levels in your body. So, water is very important in this period. No worry!

You can fulfil your water requirement by drinking a certain amount of orange juice. These are the following health benefits of oranges during pregnancy. 

Good for Men Health

Oranges contain flavonoids – an antioxidant that improves erections and increases your libido. Citrus fruits like – oranges may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. It contains citrulline which releases amino acids like arginine in the body that improve sex drive in men. 

Moreover, it is packed with vitamins and minerals that may boost sexual performance. It enhances blood flow and stamina during sex leads to delaying premature ejaculation and keeps your intercourse for a longer period.  

Oranges are rich in folic acid which is important for a healthy sex drive and for fueling your body with energy. While Vitamin B-6 stabilises your hormones.

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should add oranges to their diet plan to get rid of this issue.  

If you want to stay long in your bedroom with your loved ones then start eating flavonoid-rich food like – oranges. Make your sex life amazing and memorable.  The health benefits of oranges for men’s sexual life are amazing.

Final Words 

Orange is a nutritious citrus fruit loaded with several nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and fibre, and low in calories. There are several health benefits of oranges you should know.  

The best time to drink orange juice is in the morning. Orange is a great source of vitamin C (citric acid) that boosts digestion. So, always start your day with a glass of orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach to get maximum advantages. 

A superfood can easily fulfil your daily need for essential nutrients. That’s why people prefer to eat for the maximum health benefits of oranges. 

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